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Technology Roadmap: Panduit Feb 13, 2008

The highlights of data center structured cabling technology/product roadmap for 2008?

1. InfiniBand. Panduit is using InfiniBand to merge fabrics into a unified network by connecting high-performance computing clusters. InfiniBand is emerging as a high-performance, moderate cost, high-bandwidth and low-latency solution for data transport.

2. Cooling Technology. Our Net-Access server cabinets support the addition of a water-cooled door that eliminates hot spots of up to 20kW. Data center managers can configure blade servers without installing additional computer room air-conditioning.

3. Design Tools. Tools are available to streamline the design and deployment of data centers with regard to airflow and energy consumption. The tools can automatically generate a Bill of Materials.

Does the right structured cabling technology contribute to more efficient cooling / heat dispersion?

Cables placed under floor can block airflow and create hot spots. To address this issue, the Panduit GridRunner, an under-floor cable routing system, uses a modular wire basket pathway to manage data and power cabling beneath raised floors, and limit airflow obstructions.
Also, Panduit™s switch cabinet is designed to route cables away from ventilation pathways and includes a 6-inch clearance between the equipment and cabinet walls to facilitate airflow. caption: Placement of cable trays in hot aisle/cold aisle layout

Mention a couple of your best SI / installers in Malaysia, Singapore and HK who are trained and certified on the above-mentioned new technologies?

Panduit works with consultants and SI partners such as IBM, PM-B, ProMetric Systems, Data Sphere. Local installer partners are LanTroVision, EMS Wiring Systems, Comnet Systems and Xin Networks in Singapore, I-Power and PAN Kinetics in Malaysia, and LanTroVision in Hong Kong.

By Liu Ningjun, group executive,
Products, Solutions & Technology, Asia-Pacific & Japan, Panduit

Source: Network World Asia

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