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Structured cabling roadmap: Panduit Mar 02, 2009

What are the cabling technology highlights for 2009?

Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI)-based solutions. UPI-based solutions are designed to help enterprise data centers manage risk within the physical infrastructure by intelligently converging physical and logical systems. Leveraging real-time information correlation, UPI can increase workplace safety and security, manage systems (especially power and cooling) more efficiently, satisfy regulatory compliance requirements (like SOX and HIPAA), improve SLA with minimized downtime, and lower costs through space savings, cable management flexibility and enhanced operational efficiency.

A unified input/output (I/O) fabric. The goal of I/O consolidation with virtualization using emerging standards like data center Ethernet (DCE) and fiber channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is to create a data center environment that provides anytime, anywhere access to content over a single cabling infrastructure. Enhancements to 10 Gigabit Ethernet also represent a significant opportunity to improve data center efficiencies.

Any new tools to recommend for physical infrastructure design?

Panduit PViQ (Intelligent PanView) keeps the design consistent with regards to operational goals over time while enabling the better management of moves, adds and changes. PViQ can be deployed to secure, protect and manage critical assets by providing the ability to remotely monitor and view the real time status across all systems and IT assets to help ensure availability, manageability and security.

What about incorporating temperature and power usage sensors with unified structured cabling?

Panduit UPI-based solutions already provide the foundation for adding temperature and power usage sensors or even carry DC power over a unified structured cabling architecture. For example, Panduit’s DPoE Power over Ethernet solutions use a mid-span approach to inject power into existing Cat5e or Cat 6 systems without the need to upgrade to PoE network switches.

Panduit’s mid-span PoE systems also enable better scalability, change and configuration flexibility, and support for various PoE-driven devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points and IP phones without having to worry about power socket locations.

Which are your best installers in Malaysia, Singapore and HK?

In Singapore: LanTroVision, EMS Wiring Systems, Comnect Communications and Xin Networks. In Malaysia: I-Power and PAN Kinetics. In Hong Kong: LanTroVision.

By Khee Seong Ng
Marketing Manager, Solutions, Panduit APJ

Source: Network World Asia

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